Happy New Year!  I'm so excited for this new beginning. I always love the start of a new year.  I feel like 2018 was such a whirlwind. I started this year having no idea how it would end.  A crazy whim of an idea I had.  I left my full time job to give this side-kick of a business ago.  I'm sure my husband and many others thought I was crazy.  And maybe I was.  But I can honestly say it's been the best year ever.



At the end of 2017 I left my job and launched a new bag design, The Road Trip bag, which was a big hit and pretty much took over my shop in 2018.  I spent a lot of time creating custom orders for it.  In April I traveled to Lincoln City, OR for a Knitting Retreat hosted by Kay Hopkins.  That was so much fun and I met so many wonderful ladies there.  In June I opened up a shop on Shopify in addition to my Etsy shop.  I added several new yarn colors and knitting accessories to the shop throughout the year and in November I introduced another new bag design, the Grab and Go Deluxe as well as gave the original Grab and Go a little bit of a revamp.




On the more personal side, I made a few dresses and pajamas for my granddaughter, knit two hats and completed one of my Make Nine projects and cast on two others.

Not bad for a year of making but I'm hoping to make 2019 even better.



If you haven't noticed, there's a little bit of a new look around here and on my social media accounts.  I've spruced up the banner a bit, brightened up the colors and just made the place a bit more cheery.  It's a mix of the old and new.

I've also been playing around with some new products.  Some will be seasonal and some will be sticking around all year.  But you're sure to find plenty of bags for all kinds of uses and some fun accessories too.



There will be more of the new Grab and Go Deluxe bag and possibly even a larger size.  My signature Adventure Bag and Road Trip Bag are sticking around. And I'll soon be adding totes and clutches to the shop.  You may have also noticed the cute little key fobs I've been posting on Instagram.  They use to be a staple in my shop and I'm bringing them back.  They are so practical and make great gifts.  A must have for anyone with a lot on their minds and their hands.  They will be available in two sizes, wristlet and pocket, both with my signature rose gold metal hardware and key ring.  And it's been awhile but there will be some new yarn color too.

Twelve new chapters, 365 new chances.  Let's make this year count.

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