A Month In The Life

August is my birthday month.  It's also the Month In The Life Instagram challenge hosted by Jess from Create and Thrive.  A month long challenge designed to give you (the customer) a little behind the scenes look at what goes on in a handmade business.

All during the month of August I'll be posting a photo inspired by the daily prompt giving you a little behind the scenes look at what I do everyday and just what goes into making a bag before it gets sent to you.  My hope in participating in this challenge, besides the fact it just sounds downright fun, is for you to get to know more about me and, through your interactions with my posts, for me to get to know you better too.  


There's a new prompt each day and you'll get a behind the scenes look at things like my workspace, works in progress, what inspires me, the post office I send your packages from, my neighborhood, my assistants, the tools I use and more.  

The challenge started on August 1st and is already in progress so I hope you'll come on over and follow me on Instagram.  You can find my challenge photos in my feed, in my Stories Collection:  Mo. In The Life or by searching the hashtag #CTMonthInTheLifeTheHandmakersBag.  And if you'd like to see the posts of others participating in the challenge just search #CTMonthInTheLife.

Hope to see you over on Instagram and leave me a comment or two.  I read each one and love chatting with you.

Until next time...

Carry Joy Wherever You Go.

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