August Bag of the Month

Happy National Watermelon Day!

Yup, that's a real thing.  And I can't think of any better way to celebrate (other than sitting down with a nice juicy slice) than with this month's Bag of the Month.

But wait...I'm getting ahead of myself because I haven't told you about Bag of the Month.  So lets back up a sec.

What is Bag of the Month?

I'm so glad you asked.  Let me tell you all about it.  

Each month I will be offering a new bag in a limited edition print and it will only be available until the end of the month or until they sell out!  And if you're on my mailing list (which you totally should be) you will get a special discount code to use for that month's BOTM.  Now, you can only receive and use the discount code if you are on my mailing list (which you are, right?) and the code can only be used once.  Each month a new code will be sent for the current BOTM and can only be used in the month in which it was issued.  No using August's code in November.  Know what I mean?

This is just one of the little perks of being on my mailing list and allowing me to drop into your inbox.  There's more too, like early access to shop updates and getting to shop first.  Because I seriously love my Insider's and it's just one of the ways I like to say thank you for supporting me and my little business. 

So, I hope you're already on the list, but...if you're not go sign up now.  Just click here, pop in your info and you will be golden.  (And just a little secret between you and me, you'll also receive a 10% off coupon that you can use later because coupons cannot be combined.)

And if you haven't clicked that link above yet you should totally be getting a pop up about now. that you're on my mailing list because I know you clicked the link above and signed up, let's get back to the August BOTM.


August Bag of the Month

Since August is the last real month of summer and since there is no sign of this pandemic ending anytime soon I thought it would be great to pick a fun summer fabric and put together some social distancing kits.  Each Juicy Kit comes with two social distancing masks, a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and tissues all in a cute little bag that fits perfectly inside your purse, backpack, or knitting bag.  

Masks are the new handbag

And since we gotta wear them they might as well be cute.  

These will be in the shop on August 7th at 6:00 pm PST and the coupon code will be going out soon so once again, make sure your on my mailing list and if you're not, go sign up now. And I hope to see you over in the shop when these release.

Until next time...

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