Dear Reader,

It has come to this authors attention that the incomparable of the season is preparing for the holidays ahead. As I've heard through the gossip grapevine there is to be a celebration holiday box from The Handmaker's Bag like no other. My infallible sources assure me this is a holiday box not to be missed and you know I am not one to print unreliable gossip.

As my sources have revealed the Duke & Duchess of Hastings have been secretly working with The Handmaker's Bag and will each sponsor their own holiday box filled with their favorite knitters' delights. I am told that while each will be similar they will be quite different. I already have it on good authority that each box is said to contain 9+ items and more are being added as I write this. What's inside these coveted holiday boxes remains a secret but fear not dear reader for if there is a scandal to uncover here you can be sure I will uncover it.

You might be wondering when the Duke & Duchess will make these boxes available to all those in waiting. My sources have sussed out this very bit of information for me and I shall pass it on to you.

This special holiday release of the Bidgerton Collection will be available beginning at 9:00 am PT on Saturday, 10th of July. And while my sources have been so generous in supplying me with this bit of information for my scandal sheet readers they have also informed me that the Handmaker herself will grant early access to her own scandal sheet readers at 6:00 pm PT on Friday, 9th of July for 1 hour only.  Now that is one list I want to make sure I'm on.

Now, I would not ordinarily promote another authors scandal sheet but If you want early access to one of these highly coveted holiday boxes yourself then go now and subscribe because my sources also tell me there will only be a limited number of each box and once they are gone they will not be back.

You can be sure this is not the last this pen will be reporting on this subject and as more information becomes available to me I will pass it your way, dear reader.


Yours Truly,

Lady Whistledown

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