Happee Birthdae Harry

Harry Potter is one of the best stories ever written.  I say that now but when my children were younger and all into the Harry Potter craze I never really took the time to watch the movies or read the books.  Sooo...I did not get why everyone loved this story so much.  Fast forward 20 years and yes...I totally get it now.  Harry Potter is just magical.

That's why every year I like to celebrate Harry's birthday with a special kit.  This years theme is Happee Birthdae Harry and was inspired by the cake Hagrid brings to Harry and Harry's first glimpse of Hogwarts.



The bag features a beautiful black and teal fabric with line drawings of Hogwarts castle that seems to just glow.  The bag is accented with black and has a beautiful teal lining.



The notions pouch in a fun coordinating fabric that features Harry Potter glasses and lightning bolt scar in a gold metallic motif on black fabric and has the same beautiful teal lining.



Each kit also contains an adorable progress keeper designed by Amanda of Little Bitty Delights.  This mini replica of Harry's cake is the icing on the kit.  Amanda has done an amazing job creating these little miniatures.  It's like having your own personal Harry Potter birthday cake.

And what would a birthday, I mean...birthdae celebration be without surprise goodies.

But wait...there's more...



There is also a gorgeous coordinating yarn.  A lovely pink shade with green speckles.  It's as if Harry's cake got smeared on a skein of yarn while Dudley was devouring it.  I've dyed this colorway on my HT Merino base.  This is 100 grams of luscious high twist single ply merino that is perfect for socks, shawls or any light use garment.  

Each kit comes with your choice of bag; either an Adventure Bag, Grab & Go Bag or my new Take A-Long Tote, a notions pouch, Little Bitty Delights progress keeper, surprise goodies and the option to add the skein of yarn.

These kits will be in the shop today, July 31st but I don't expect them to last long.

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