Happy National Planner Day!

If you know me then you know I am a planner girl.  Not the pretty stickers and washi tape kind.  Although that's great too.  And, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a pretty planner and you will sometimes find stickers in mine.  But most importantly, my planner has to work for me.  Because it doesn't matter how pretty a planner is if you don't use it and it doesn't keep you organized.

I'm going to come clean here and make a confession.  At the end of 2019, I purchased four (4), different planners for 2020.  Why?  Because I thought one was going to do something for me that the others didn't.  And you know what happened?  

I wasted a lot of money.

Yup.  Nothing miraculous.  Just a whole lot of money down the drain because I thought the grass was greener in the other planners.

What I learned though was a lot.

I learned that just because something is pretty doesn't mean it's going to change my life.  I learned that what works for someone else doesn't mean it's going to work for me. I learned to stay with what I know works.  And I learned if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.  

Look, there was absolutely nothing wrong with those other planners.  They were pretty and well thought out.  They just didn't work for ME and my way of planning.  What does work for me is The Day Designer.

I fully believe in the practice of planning.  I believe that taking the time to plan and schedule your time will make a big impact on your life.  I believe that by planning my days I 1.) get more done and 2.) have more time.  And if you're saying to me right now that you don't have time to plan or you don't like sticking to a schedule or you like to be more spontaneous with your time well, read the above sentence again.  

I like the Day Designer planner because it puts everything (and I mean everything) that I need to know for my day on one page right in front of me.  There is a daily schedule that starts at 5:00 am - 9:00 pm.  There is a to-do list with my top 3 tasks at the very top of the page.  And there are spaces for anything that's due like bills, dinner, dollars, and things I don't want to forget.  There is also a space for notes and daily gratitude.  And they keep me inspired with a daily quote at the top of every page.  They have thought of everything. 

The important thing is to find a planner or system that works for you.  Because like I said at the beginning of this post it doesn't matter how pretty a planner is if it doesn't work for you.  But Day Designer planners are pretty too.  See, everything.

If you are not a planner and would like to get started or if you are a planner and your current system is not working for you and you want to try out a Day Designer their academic year (July 2020 - June 2021) planners are available now.  The yearly 2021 planners will be available beginning September 9th.  My favorite is their flagship daily planner but they also offer a weekly and a couple of other styles as well including an undated planner.  And if you use the code PLANNERDAY you will receive 15% off your order until 8/3 (2020).

Oh, and you know what else is awesome about The Day Designer?  They have free printable planner pages so you can try them out before you buy.  There is nothing worse than spending a whole lot of money on a planner that you won't use.  Trust me.

And one last thing, they are currently having the most awesome giveaway on Instagram.  So go check them out and enter to win some amazing stuff.  Seriously, so amazing!

And if you decide to give The Day Designer planner a try tag me on Instagram (@thehandmakersbag) and let me know.  I want to see what awesome things you're doing.

Until next time...

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