How Knitting Changed My Life by Amanda Anson of Little Bitty Delights

Last month I talked about how I got started knitting and how it changed my life and I thought it would be fun to pose this question to other knitters.  So I invited Amanda from Little Bitty Delights to do a guest post on the blog this week and answer that very same question.  

If you don't know Amanda, also known as The Teal Knitter, or haven't heard of Little Bitty Delights you should go check out her shop.  (After reading her post of course.)  She makes the most delicious clay stitch markers and progress keepers.  We even collaborated on this months Secret Bag Society and there's a special Little Bitty Delights treat in each August kit.  

Well...without further is Amanda's story of how knitting changed her life.



Hello everyone! I am Amanda of Little Bitty Delights and I am so thrilled to be a guest here on Katherine’s blog! I have enjoyed reading Katherine’s blog and using her lovely handmade bags for my knitting projects! Which brings me here today.



Katherine asked me an interesting question here a while back. It was how has knitting changed my life. I admit at first I was stumped. I didn’t have an immediate answer. Knitting didn’t come to me as a young child. I didn’t sit on my Grandma’s lap learning how to knit. Knitting didn’t come to me during a difficult time in my life.  There wasn’t a big life altering event at the time. When I learned to knit 10 years ago, I did it because it sounded like fun. 

If there is one thing I have learned about myself in my 31 years of living is I don’t do something for long unless it’s fun! 

Knitting has changed my life slowly, true to its art form. Projects do not come about over night. At the beginning knitting gave me a creative outlet, a means to make thoughtful gifts for loved ones. 



After my most beautiful life change, becoming a stay at home mom, I became aware of the knitting community that was just waiting with open arms to greet me.  I didn’t have many friends who knit. Thanks to social media I found my people. I love ooohing and awwing over yarn and knitting projects. 

Becoming a knitter has taught me so much about myself, like how much the act of making something beautiful out of stitches and string makes me smile. How much I love coming together with people and working with them. 



Knitting teaches me patience and is always teaching me to slow down. Anytime I am going too fast in life, letting it rush by without really experiencing it, knitting reminds me to slow down. Knitting won’t be rushed just as life shouldn’t be. As soon as you rush things you only make more work for yourself. 



How has knitting changed my life? It’s always changing my life. It’s given me a place to belong.  Knitting is the one thing in life we can rip out and get right every time. Knitting has let me fuel my creative passions and given this stay at home mom a creative business, something I never, never thought I could do! I can’t wait to see how else knitting changes my life.



Happy knitting my friends! 

❤️Amanda aka The Teal Knitter 



Thanks so much Amanda for sharing your story of how knitting has changed your life.  I loved reading it.  

And don't forget to go and check out all the cute things Amanda has over in her shop at Little Bitty Delights.  

Until next time...

Carry a little joy wherever you go.

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