How Knitting Changed My Life - Part 2

If you haven't read the first part of this story you can catch up here.  Then come back and I'll fill you in on the rest.

So...where were we?  Oh, yes...

I was working as a manager in a bookstore and there was a little coffee shop inside the bookstore.  One day I was working what would have been my normal day off and a group of ladies came into the coffee shop.  I saw them all gathered around a table, chatting, laughing, and knitting. had been ages since I had thought about knitting.  I somehow, started chatting with them.  I don't remember how or even what we chatted about.  But we got to talking and I told them about how I had tried knitting years earlier and just couldn't do it.  They insisted that of course I could and invited me to their next meet up.

And so...I went.

Although I didn't know it at the time, that day changed my life.  For shortly after that I would start The Handmaker's Bag and Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.

But, let's go back to the little coffee shop and the knitting group.

Thistle Hand Dyed Yarn by The Handmaker's Bag

I continued going to the weekly meet up.  I learned new things about knitting and was encouraged by the ladies.  And I learned that yes, I could knit a cabled afghan as a first project.  (Wish I still had that afghan even though it was acrylic.)


Now that I was knitting regularly and had several projects going, as all knitters do, I needed something to put them in to make transporting them to the weekly knit group easier.  I already had a little side business making tote bags so it was only natural that I would make myself a knitting bag.  And so I set about figuring out just what would make the perfect project bag.  I tried some different sizes, with pockets, without pockets, pockets on the inside, pockets on the outside, drawstring, zippered.  I made a few different ones until I finally came upon the one that I felt was perfect.  

And the ladies at the knitting group loved them.  They started asking me to make some for them and saying I should sell them. be honest...I hadn't thought about that.  I was making and selling tote bags.  But that was just as a side business to my regular job and those were much more labor intensive and costly to make.  And I was really just selling them because I enjoyed making them.  But could I make and sell project bags?  Hmm.  Why not?

So...I did just that.  I started The Handmaker's Bag in June of 2016.  I had no idea at the time it would turn into a full time passion and later lead me to dyeing my own yarn and to starting Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.  And that all happened because I started knitting.  

Road Trip Bag in Green Apple and Turquoise by The Handmaker's Bag

Today, I am working full time designing and creating project bags and accessories for knitters and crocheters and dyeing my own line of yarn.  I left my miserable full time office job in October of 2017 and have never looked back.  I have less money and it's hard work with long hard hours but I love what I do and I love being able to be there for my family when they need me.  I feel less stressed, healthier and happier.  And if it wasn't for knitting I'd still be trudging away at that miserable office job.  

Hand Dyed Yarn by Twigs + Twine Yarn Co a division of The Handmaker's Bag

That's how knitting changed my life.  If you'd like to share your story on the blog send me a message.  Next month I have a special guest post from another knitter.  Sign up for my email list if you'd like to be notified when posts go up.  The link is down below.

Until next time...

Carry a little joy wherever you go.

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