November Secret Bag Society - All Wrapped Up

Are you ready for a mystery?

A couple of years ago, in 2018 I started the Secret Bag Society.  I'm bringing it back for 2020 with a fun new twist.  What is the Secret Bag Society?  Well...if I told you then I'd have to kill you.  Just kidding.

The Secret Bag Society is actually a fun monthly club with a secret mystery twist.  

Each month will be a different "mystery".  I will pick fabrics, dye yarn, and select candle scents all based on that month's mystery theme.  I will also choose a bag style. I will post a collage image each month along with the available bag style and clues about that month's club.  While you won't know exactly what the bag will look like or the yarn color you will have some idea based on the clues and collage photo but there will still be a little bit of an element of surprise.  It is called the Secret Bag Society after all.

There will be 5 club options to choose from.

  • Just the Facts Bag Club - Includes bag only.
  • It's In The DNA Bag + Yarn Club - Includes bag and a skein of yarn dyed in an exclusive colorway.
  • On the Scent Trail Bag + Candle Club - Includes bag and a scented soy candle.
  • Guilty as Charged Bag + Yarn + Candle Club - Includes bag, a skein of yarn dyed in an exclusive colorway, and a scented soy candle.
  • Suspect Pool Yarn + Candle Club - Includes a skein of yarn dyed in an exclusive colorway and a scented soy candle.

Yarn bases will vary from month to month.

As a bonus, if you purchase all 12 clubs (any combination thereof) you will receive a free bonus project bag.  And this ain't no slouchy second rate can't stand up on its own project bag.  I'm talking a squishy nicely padded ready to protect your needles project bag.  You know the kind we deal with here.  You must place an order each month for one of the clubs to be eligible for the free bonus.  You can purchase any combination and do not have to purchase the same club each month.  So mix it up and have fun.  Choose the Suspect Pool Yarn + Candle Club one month and the Guilty as Charged Bag + Yarn + Candle Club the next.  The choice is yours but you must make a club purchase each month.

Please note:  This is not a subscription and your purchase will not automatically renew.   You must come back to the shop each month to make your purchase.  Purchases of other items do not count toward the bonus.  Also, clubs are limited and once they sell out they will not be relisted.  Bonus bags will be sent out after the 12th and final month of the club ends.

Are you ready for this month's clues?  Put on your secret agent hat and pour yourself a martini, shaken, not stirred, and let's solve a mystery.


Your mission, should you accept it.


Study the above photo very carefully.  Each photo is a clue to this month's clubs.


November Secret Bag Society - All Wrapped Up

Clue #1:  You either love it or you hate it but it's most likely to be found in just about every household this time of year.

Clue #2:  A favorite to knit and a favorite to give.  You just might find some in your stocking this year.  

Clue #3:  Taffeta, cotton or paper - you're going to be seeing a lot of this.

Clue #4:  Well, it just wouldn't be the holidays without one of these atop everything.

Bonus clue:  You may have been bobbing for these over Halloween.


The chosen bag style for November is the Adventure Bag.  This is a zippered project bag perfect for those bulky sweaters you're knitting up to chase away the chill.  And of course those socks and shawls too.

November's Clubs will go on sale on October 15th and you have until October 25th to place your order or until club spots sell out.  Whichever occurs first.  Clubs will ship approximately on the 10th of every month or when they are completed.

Think you know what the clues mean?  I'd love to know your ideas.  You can leave a comment below or look for the clue post on Instagram and Facebook.


This blog post will self destruct in 5 minutes.

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