Every year instead of setting resolutions I choose a "word for the year".  I started doing this a few years ago and I've found it really works much better.  I always try to choose a word that both help guides me and gives an overall sense of how I want that year to feel and what I want from it.  A few of my words from past years were intentional, focused and creative.

This year my word is PURPOSEFUL.

March is Meet the Maker month.  And while I don't plan to post every day and do all the prompts I did think several of the prompts this year were a really good springboard for letting you get to know more about me and The Handmaker's Bag.  

So what does that have to do with my word of the year and being purposeful?  Everything.  Because being purposeful is "MY STORY" one of the prompts.  It's why I started The Handmaker's Bag to begin with.  I opened my shop on Etsy back in 2016 because I found a need for a way to organize and transport my projects to and from work.  I was working a full-time job then and I would take my knitting projects to work with me to work on while on my lunch breaks.  Back then I was using wood needles and had several broken in the thin tote I was using to carry my projects in.  I was very frustrated and was tired of replacing my needles.  At the time there were a lot fewer bag makers and I couldn't find what I was looking for.  Nothing seemed any better than the thin tote I was already using.  So I made one.  But I knew if I was having this problem so were other knitters.  So I started my Etsy shop to offer well constructed padded project bags.  That was my sole purpose.  A bag that was roomy, well made, kept everything organized and protected my needles.  A bag with a purpose.  And of course, it wouldn't hurt if it was cute too.

I've added other items to my product line over the years and I think at some point I got away from what The Handmaker's Bag purpose really was.  So this year I'm hoping to get back to that purpose.

And really, when it comes right down to it, it's not about the bags.  It's about the support and care of the knitters and crocheters who use my bags.  Because knitting and crocheting should be fun and enjoyable.  And that's what I'm making my purpose this year.

The joy, health, and wellbeing of makers.

So watch for some really fun kits coming to the shop this year that are all about this purpose.

I won't be posting all the Meet the Maker prompts here on the blog.  But I'd love for you to come follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see more.  

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