Shop Update: February 4, 2019

Did you miss the shop update on Friday?  Of course, you didn't because it's happening on Monday.  I got your back.  I usually update the shop every third Friday but I decided to push this update to Monday because if you haven't heard a new round of Fibre Share just started and not only am I participating but I'm also a Fibre Share vendor.  What does that all mean?  Well...I'll tell you all about Fibre Share in an upcoming post but right now I just want to show you what's coming to the shop.  



Yes, I like big balls and I know you do too.  Big round fluffy balls of yarn.  (What were you thinking?)  What knitter doesn't?  These bags of witty wisdom are hitting the shop on Monday and there are six different yarny quotes to choose from.




Did you know I use to make tote bags?  Yup, before I made bags for other makers I was making tote bags.  And every now and then I still like to sew a nice tote.  I've got a couple hitting the shop in two sizes.




And it just wouldn't be a Fibre Share worthy update if there wasn't some fiber. I'll have more mini skeins in a new color set


The shop update will be Monday, February 4th @ 4:00pm.  Everything is handmade so that means stock is limited.

Hope to see you on Monday and if you're participating in Fibre Share don't forget to grab your code from the Fibre Share website.  Until then...

Create a little joy wherever you go.


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