The Great American Road Trip

When I was a kid every summer we would load up the car and head out on a summer road trip. Usually to my aunt and uncles house in Rainer, Oregon but occasionally we would take a detour to other places along the beaten path. 

One year we went to Yosemite. I think that was the first time I saw a buffalo in real life. And the Redwood National Forest. I remember driving THROUGH these massive trees. They were beautiful and made me feel sooooooo small. Another trip we went to the Petrified Forest and the Grand Canyon.

I also remember going other places like the Winchester Mystery House and Hearst Castle.  But the thing I remember most about those road trips was sitting in the backseat with my sister, surrounded by pillows and blankets and our supply of activities that were suppose to keep us entertained and from getting bored.  Of course it never worked and we would soon get bored of the activities that were suppose to keep us from getting bored in the first place.  

I also remember the feel of the wind rushing through the open windows of the car.  I don't know if we had air conditioning but everyone rode with their car windows down back then.  That was part of the fun of a road trip.  We would put our hand out the window and let the wind push against it.  I can still her my mother yelling at us to get our hands back in the car before they got taken off. 

And hardly anyone wore seatbelts back then.  We had this old station wagon with a luggage rack on top.  We had made the back into a sort of bed and when we got tired we would just crawl over the seat into the back and lay down.  How different it was from today.

Stops at roadside cafes and souvenir shops.  The excitement we felt at the beginning, the exhaustion just before we reached our destination and the relief when we finally got there.  How good it felt to get out of the car and walk around and stretch our legs.   


The Great American Road Trip collection is a homage to those days gone by.  Sleeping in campers and tents, cooking over open fires, roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores, playing "the license plate" game and looking at road signs, and seeing new and interesting terrain along our route.  

You don't have to go far to have a great American road trip adventure. A few hours away to a National Park, or even a few minutes to the city park can be a great adventure.  You don't actually even need to get in the car.  It's not about where you go but about the people you're with.  And sometimes the backyard is just far enough.

The Great American Road Trip collection is coming July 24th at 9:00 am PT.

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