The New HB Headquarters

Yes, the new HB headquarters is set up and ready to have some fabric scraps thrown all over the floor.

(Insert photo of me doing a happy dance here.)

We moved into our new house in mid April and little by little I've been working on the studio inbetween putting dishes in cupboards and linens in closets.  This is not a big space.  It's a modest 14' x 12' but it's everything I could dream of.  

Built around a color scheme of soft pink, black, gold and white with a touch of whimsy it's bright, airy and inspirational.  

Lots of cubbies and storage space.  Even the pups have a comfy place to lay.
Everything I need is within easy reach.
My desk is comfortable and cozy and make working fun.
We have natural polished wood throughout our home and these doors are a real show stopper.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
My only problem now is I just want to spend all my time in here.  How is that a problem you ask?  Well, I still have more boxes to unpack and other rooms to organize (like my husbands office).  I guess I better wrap this up and get to work.
Until next time...


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