The World Just May Have Gone Crazy But It's Going to Be OK [I have yarn]

What happened?

I know you're thinking that same thing.  We went to bed one night and we got up the next morning and the world was a totally different place.  Reports of people getting sick and numbers about people dying and new terms such as social distancing and self-quarantine flying around everywhere.  I feel like I fell into a black hole and landed in an altered dystopian version of the world I had been living in. 

Where am I and how do I get home?

I know it's scary out there.  We are all worried and concerned, for our loved ones, for ourselves.   Are we going to get this horrid virus, Covid-19?  If we do, how is it going to affect us?  Are we just going to have mild symptoms or are we going to get really sick?  Could we die?  These questions are rolling around in my head and I know they are rolling around in yours too.

But the truth is, we don't know.  I can't answer these questions for you any better than anyone else.  We just don't know.  I wish I could.  I wish I could tell you that this horrible virus that is attacking our planet is just going to go away...vanish...poof. 

What I can do is offer you some advice and comfort.  These times are tough for all of us.  But I know we can come together as a community and get through this.  Practicing self-quarantine and social distancing, of course.

Keep yourself safe.

Wash, wash and wash your hands again.  I can't stress this enough.  Wash your hands.  And just when you think you've washed them enough.  Wash them again.  This is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family.  

If you are sick or not feeling well please stay home.  I know it's hard.  We all have things to do.  But the more this virus is spread around the more people will get sick and more stress will be put on our healthcare workers.  They are doing the absolute best they can right now.  Let's help them out by doing our part in trying to keep ourselves and others around us healthy.  

Help your neighbors.  Especially those in high-risk groups like the elderly or expectant mothers or families with small children.  Check on them to see if they are ok.  Can you do anything to help them?  Can you pick up groceries for them?  You don't have to come in contact with them.  Just give them a call, see what they need and then leave their items on their doorstep.  

Most of all, take care of yourself.  You can't give others what you don't have.  So if you are not caring for yourself then you can't care for your loved ones.  And it's important to not only think about your physical health but your mental health as well.  Give yourself a break and take some time for yourself.  Read a book, listen to music, take a bath, watch a favorite movie, knit some socks or a sweater [Trust me, you can do it.  It's not as hard as it looks.]  Treat yourself or a friend to a Knitter's Care Kit (coming soon). Whatever it is you enjoy, make some time for it.  It's important.

What I'm doing to keep you safe.

I'm practicing social distancing and self-quarantine.  I'm staying home as much as I possibly can and only venturing out when absolutely necessary for trips to the grocery store or post office.  I am practicing good hygiene and washing my hands [and washing them again] and disinfecting all surfaces in our home and in the studio.  And I am continuing to do this on a daily basis.  

Your health, my health and the health of everyone are foremost in my mind right now and I want to do everything I possibly can to keep you and everyone safe.  

What if you have questions.

There are a lot of rumors going around about this virus.  I suggest if you have questions go directly to the CDC website or the WHO website for answers.  Of course, I am always here to talk if you just need a friend or someone to bounce your concerns off of.  You can leave a comment below or feel free to send me an email at or reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook.  

We are all in this together.

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