My Story

Welcome to my little handmade boutique.  Thanks for stopping by.
Located on almost 3 acres in rural Washington and surrounded by lush cherry and sweet apple orchards sits our modest family home where I make everything in my home studio by hand.  Hi, I'm Katherine and I'm the owner, designer, creator, yarn dyer, candle maker, package shipper and fairy dust sprinkler here at The Handmaker's Bag.
I've had a passion for making my whole life.  I can remember my mom teaching me to crochet when I was very young.  And doing all kinds of arts and crafts projects as a child.
Over the years I've tried my hand at cross-stitching, embroidery, quilting, photography, scrapbooking, beading, needlepoint, knitting, the list goes on and on.
I began sewing more than 25 years ago. I first fell in love with fabric and the art of manipulating it when I was just 16 years old in a high school home-ec class (remember those?). In 1994, inspired by the birth of my first child I purchased a sewing machine on a whim and taught myself to sew, expanding on those basic skills I had learned in that long ago but not forgotten class.
I went on to make many of my children's clothing including my daughter's entire kindergarten wardrobe and I do mean ENTIRE.  I now enjoy sewing for my granddaughters. I had the honor of sewing the flower girl dresses for my daughter's wedding in 2017 and I have won several first place and best in show ribbons from my local county fair. I also love making quilts and I learned to knit in 2012 and it changed my life forever.
Inspired by a need to store my WIP's (I am known as the Cast On Queen) and my love of sewing and knitting, I began sewing project bags. At first for myself and then for friends. I soon realized how much I enjoyed designing and making the bags and in 2016 I started The Handmaker's Bag.
Later that same year I would get the dying bug and in 2017 I developed a line of hand dyed yarns with my daughter and together we started Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. As my daughter grew busy with raising a family the yarn line became part of The Handmaker's Bag line of products.
In 2019 I began making my own hand poured soy wax candles.
My bags are made from quality 100% cotton fabrics and my own pattern designs. Add in sturdy interfacings, plush battings, unique elements, attention to detail and stitch it all with love and you have, what I like to think, is the perfect bag.  I've put a lot of thought into my designs and have tried to create bags that are useful, functional and beautiful.
The Adventure Bag was the design that started it all and is an all around great bag perfect for any project.
I designed the Road Trip bag in October 2017 after my daughter brought me a special pin back from her honeymoon.  I wanted to display the pin on my knitting bag but I was worried the back would snag my project.  So I designed a special way to access the inside of the bag between the outer fabric and lining so the pin back would be hidden and my knitting project would be protected.
And the Grab n' Go bag was designed for those quick trips across town to pick up the kids or whenever you want to keep a project handy and ready to take with you.
My yarns are dyed in small batches with the greatest of care. I start by soaking bare yarns in a citric acid bath and then apply acid dyes and speckling by hand. Once the dyes have been fully exhausted the yarns are soaked and rinsed in a fragrance-free lanolin enriched wool wash until they are fully clean of any loose dye. They are then hung to dry in the crisp country air of the Pacific Northwest.
Water is recycled throughout the dyeing process to help reduce water waste and then used to water the lawn and plants around our home.
My candles are made from 100% botanical soy wax and essential oils making them a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to mass produced candles that are made with paraffins and synthetically produced scents full of chemicals.  
My purpose for The Handmaker's Bag is to create quality handmade products that are functional, beautiful and bring joy to your making.  I am committed to providing my customers with high-quality handmade products and excellent customer service.  If you ever have a question about one of my products, your order or you just want to say hi, you can send me an email at
I thank you for supporting my small business and hope every bag, and every skein shows my dedication to producing quality products and brings a little joy to your life.